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Day care products are well suited for face, neck and cleavage. As the skin is exposed to several environment and stress influences – as well as – UV radiation throughout the day, protecting the skin and supplying it with sufficient moisture is of vital importance for daily care.

Depending on the skin type, it can be distinguished between several day care products. While creams with matting, anti-inflammatory properties are well suited for oily, blemished skin; dry skin needs a rich care product with a lot of moisture. Demanding skin needs a regenerating care cream that helps to reduce wrinkles. Some day care products contain light protection filters that provide an additional protection against UV radiation.

Introductory Anti-Aging day care


Covering special care for reddened, irritated and impure skin


Covering special care for reddened, irritated and impure skin


Covering special care for reddened, irritated and impure skin


Covering special care for reddened, irritated and impure skin


Corrective special moisturizer, non-tinted, for oily skin


Special care for oily and blemished skin


Gentle face lotion with herbal extracts


Source of moisture for exposure to negative environmental impacts


Multi-active protective care cream for all skin types SPF 30


Soothing and comforting probiotic balm


Balancing moisturizer for mature skin with imperfections


Special care for sensitive, reddened skin


Rich day and night cream for irritated and dry skin


Beauty fluid for very dry, demanding skin


Special cream for sensitive, dry skin


Balancing cream for oily, impure and mixed skin


Premium moisturizer for improving skin texture and restructuring skin


Valuable oil composition for vital skin


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