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Dry skin lacks lipids and/ or moisture which makes the complexion look dull, rough, flaky and inelastic. Often dry skin leads to feelings of tightness and itching, especially after cleansing.

There are several factors that can cause dry skin. Inner factors include for example constitutional skin dryness. In this case, the skin naturally lacks lipid substances or has a low water-binding capacity. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause or neurodermatitis, biliousness, liver or kidney diseases can also lead to dry skin. The natural aging process can additionally lead to skin dryness. Besides these inner influences, external impacts, such as cold weather or low humidity, can also lead to dry skin. Cleansing the skin or too often or showering/ bathing with too hot water can dry the skin and destroy its hydrolipid film, the natural protection film of the skin.

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