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The products of the ESSENTIAL series form the basis for the care of normal skin. Before applying any creams and masks, a gentle but thorough cleansing procedure is absolutely necessary. The right cleansing for each individual skin condition is one of the most important aspects of proper skin care. Only perfectly cleansed skin can absorb the active ingredients in skin care products that are applied afterwards. The natural balance of the skin is not disturbed, but rather maintained by using special cleansing products.

Calming and soothing gel mask


Energy boost and protection for the skin


Hyaluronic hand care


Hyaluronic hand care


Gentle face lotion with herbal extracts


Eye care product for helping to reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and shadows under the eyes.


Mild facial skin peeling


Mild cleansing foam for every skin type.


For soft, well-groomed lips


Special cream for sensitive, dry skin


Rich tonic to refresh and revitalize the skin


Gentle, effective cleanser for normal, dry, sensitive skin


Fruit acids (AHA) + enzymes + mechanical peeling