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Normal skin has fine pores, is free from blemishes and has a good blood circulation. It has a sufficient lipid and moisture content, an intact acid mantle and thus protects effectively against environmental influences. Even normal skin needs a balanced and good skin care to stay healthy and fulfil its main functions. High quality skin care products support the skin with its diverse tasks and are always a good choice in terms of prevention and for a long-term healthy skin.


Intensive skin care against environmental impact

$62.00 $49.60

Source of energy for tired skin in need of vitamins

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For stressed skin in need of regeneration


Set of 7 ampoules for different skin types


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Dermatological knowledge meets high-class skin care. Developed and formulated by dermatologist Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, all our products are made with efficacy in mind. They consist of only the best available ingredients, combined with the latest scientific knowledge. Dr. Schrammek products are highly skin compatible and suitable for a variety of skin types, solving the skincare needs of thousands of professionals and enthusiasts in more than 50 countries.